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Men's Black Open Weave Stainless Steel Masonic Ring

Square and Compass Stainless Steel Masonic Ring.




Each Men’s Stainless Steel Masonic Ring is as unique as the man who chooses to wear it. This ring features a gold ion-plated square and compass symbol, accented with a touch of blue, and placed on a simple, yet eye-catching black agate background.  The black used in this Men’s Ring represents grief. The open weave pattern on the sides of this Men’s Stainless Steel Masonic Ring adds a bit of edge to this men’s ring.

Background on Men’s Stainless Steel Masonic Ring:

Rumored to be a “secret society” the Mason’s or Freemasons is a brotherhood, or fraternal order, whose focus is to instill Faith, Hope, and Charity into each and every one of its members. A man’s choice to wear a Men’s Stainless Steel Masonic Ring signifies that he has made a choice to work on improving himself, while still remaining devoted to his family, faith, and the Freemason fraternity.

Why Stainless Steel?

TK316 Stainless Steel is increasing in use in men’s and women’s jewelry for a variety of factors. This Men’s Stainless Steel Masonic Ring does not contain metals commonly known for the allergic reaction that turns the skin green. It is 100% hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for men who may have skin reactions to other metals. 316 stainless steel jewelry is less likely to show wear than other metals, making it the perfect option for everyday wear. Men’s Stainless Steel Masonic Rings are easy to care for as well. No special cleansers, or toxic chemicals. Just clean with soap, water, and a soft toothbrush if needed, and dry with a soft cloth.

Show your loyalty to the Masonic fraternity and order this Men’s Black Open Weave Stainless Steel Masonic Ring today.

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